At the GSA, we believe that there is no place for anti-Black racism and violence in our community at McMaster University. The past few weeks have only made these issues more apparent, but anti-Black racism is something that many of us within our community have been facing and dealing with in all facets of our lives, even at McMaster University.  We have to realize our impact as graduate students at McMaster and support our Black community as best as we can.

We currently support a GSA club, the ACGSA (African Caribbean Graduate Students’ Association), that has made themselves available for students within this community that may have faced anti-Black racism and can be reached via email: Upon request, they will send further information about how to be added to their Facebook group. We will continue to stand beside them and support them as best as we can. We also echo the sentiments that were expressed by the African Caribbean Faculty Association at McMaster that can be found here.

The purpose of this section in the mailer is not to just “write a statement” but to offer resources to our community for support.

If you need further support, culturally relevant mental health and legal services can be found here:

For more resources on how to take action, visit Black Lives Matter and get involved at McMaster Equity and Inclusion Education.

You can also use the following resources to support Black-owned businesses in Hamilton.

Please collectively fight to support anti-racism because the weight of these deep-rooted issues must be burdened upon all of us. When your friend needs support, lend a hand as we evolve together. We all need to be better.

Your GSA



Hello everyone! My name is Anthony Quarshie and I am the GSA Vice-President Administration 2020-2021. In the capacity of VP Admin, I serve as the internal auditor of our operations. In this role, I provide oversight for the financial position of both The GSA and The Phoenix. I also attend to the various finance related policies of both the GSA and Phoenix. I am the Chair of The GSA Finance Committee where we monitor the financial progress of both the GSA and Phoenix. So, if you have an interest in learning about the financial review of the GSA or just to get a peek into how The Phoenix is run, I invite you to send me an email at
Outside of the GSA, I do my research at the McMaster Advanced Control Consortium on the efficient operation of Air Separation Units under the supervision of Dr Chris L. E. Swartz in the Department of Chemical Engineering.
The GSA has had a wonderful journey so far in terms of its financial dealings and I am excited to play a part in sustaining that journey.



Dear graduate students of McMaster University,

The past 3 months have not been easy as we have transitioned our work online quickly and adapted to new roadblocks in our graduate careers. Whether you are starting, in the middle, or at the end of your degree, you have undoubtedly faced unexpected challenges and had to search for answers in a time of uncertainty. We hope that the announcement of a virtual semester can provide a framework for you to structure the months ahead, as the Administration has made the right decision for the Fall term classes to be online in a recent letter. As questions come up, they should not be left unanswered, please reach out so we can support you in navigating through your unique journey. We are all facing varying levels of distress and want you to know that we are here for you as a support network and will do our best to assist you.

The return to on-campus research is expected to happen no later than June 1st for Phase 1 of this process and your first point of contact regarding this manner is your supervisor. In short, this phase allows “a limited number of research personnel to access campus for research that cannot be undertaken in a remote manner“. More information about this process can be found here

Your GSA 

Do you have immediate questions?! JOIN A WEEKLY CALL with GSA President and Andrea Cole from the School of Graduate Studies! 

When?  Wednesdays between 1:00 PM until 2:00PM.
Where? Register for the Zoom link here.
What? Bring your coffee and come for a chat!
Questions? Andrea Cole



Hello everyone! My name is Wei Zhao. I am the VP Services of the Graduate Students Association.

There are 2 main responsibilities of my role, that is “Health and Dental” and “Summer Leagues”. As for “Health and Dental”, I monitor the whole structure of our GSA Health & Dental Insurance Plan, such as insurance usage, enrolment, opt-out. Each term, I will hold a UHIP Workshop collaborated with International Student Services. As for “Summer Leagues”, there are 3 leagues each year: Curling League, Soccer League and Softball League! I will help each team to order parking passes, sign waivers and so on. Besides that, I am also the Chair of Clubs Committee. Thus, if you want to establish a new club, or if you have questions when running your current club, please feel free to contact me. I have many resources to help you!

At McMaster University, I am a third year PhD student in the Department of Computing & Software. My current research is about millimetre-wave radar localization and sensing. I am in the research group of Dr. Rong Zheng, and co-supervised with Dr. Jiankang Zhang.

Favourite Video: Japanese Anime
Favourite Activity: Swimming
Favourite Animal: Husky



Hi everyone! My name is Caroline Seiler and I am the GSA Vice-President Internal 2020-2021. I represent the GSA for academic matters and plan academic & social events, especially Welcome Week! In my role, I organize the Academic Affairs Committee which meets monthly to talk about issues that affect the academic life of grad students, including departmental & faculty issues, career planning, and administration. We’re always looking for members, so email me if you want to join!

On campus, you can find me at McMaster University Medical Centre in the Department of Medical Sciences, researching the effects of different dietary components on individuals with irritable bowel syndrome, under Drs. Premysl Bercik and M. Ines Pinto-Sanchez. I’m excited to represent you all and I plan to organize events and services to help keep grad students connected and supported. 

If you have any questions, contact me at and I’d be happy to chat! 



Hello friends! My name is Sydney Valentino and I am the GSA Vice-President External 2020-2021. I share and communicate with you through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and, my favourite, The GSA Weekly. In my role, I organize the Student Issues Actions Committee, Social Trips and Events. What events would you like to see in the next year?

On campus you can find me in Ivor Wynne Centre in the Department of Kinesiology, studying cardiovascular physiology in individuals with a spinal cord injury, under the supervision of Dr. Maureen MacDonald. I am passionate about fostering a connection between all McMaster graduate students, knowledge translation, and supporting student-led initiatives across disciplines and beyond campus borders. I would love to hear from you on activities you are leading and would like to share with our community.  
Since the new physical distancing measures, you can find me using eye drops to combat computer-induced dry eyes or attempting to balance my sedentary time by working out with friends on Zoom!

What are your questions for me? Email me at gsavpext@mcmaster.calet’s chat!

GSA Short Video Competition

GSA Short Video Competition

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of us are stuck at home and end up looking for things to do, like solving jigsaw puzzles or playing games. We’d like students to use their creativity to make fun videos like the ones below:


  • All ideas should be original, and videos should not be taken from elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Upload the video on YouTube and make sure it is “unlisted”.
  • Fill out the form here (including name, MacID, video link, title of video, and 1-sentence description) for us to review and post on our website.
  • All videos must follow McMaster Code of Conduct and Hamilton social distancing bylaws. If you have questions please read FAQs from City of Hamilton here.
  • Video submissions must be SAFE. Unsafe video submissions will not be considered.
  • Deadline: May 31st 
  • Submit your video here!


  • 1st place grade prize of $100 for 1 submission
  • Two prizes of $50 for two second-place submissions
  • Three prizes of $25 for three third-place submissions

Winners will be decided by a public vote after deadline!

Informal AGM Recap

If you attended our virtual AGM on Friday via WebEx, thank you! We were unable to reach quorum at the meeting but we gave an update to those in attendance about our year in review and our plans for the next academic year! Please find all documents below that were discussed. The meeting was recorded and a copy of the video can also be found below. 

Watch a recording of our informal AGM here:

EGS Logo

EGS Provides Services

Engineering Graduate Society continues to provide services to Graduate Students during Shutdown

Despite the COVID-19 related shutdown of McMaster University, the Engineering Graduate Society has continued to provide important services to its members. Recently, two out of three seats on the EGS Council dedicated to SEPT students were filled in a School wide election, and those members are acclimating to their new positions well.

More internally, the Executive has been hard at work updating Elections bylaws after feedback from this years Council. With these new changes, which have been approved by the Council, the EGS may elevate any department representative-elect to a voting seat before their official term begins. This will allow for more discussion and accountability of incoming Executive Officers, who are elected by the outgoing Council.

Travel Awards for the summer semester have been thrown in a bit of a tizzy, with most conferences worldwide being cancelled as research institutes implement working for home procedures and governments close borders. Our Travel Awards Chairs and Committee have opened up the fund to anyone who has purchased tickets, travel, or accommodations and is unable to obtain a refund. Please be in contact with the committee for more information.

Events and Academics have been reacting to the change in expected schedules with grace and agility. While nothing can be publicly confirmed, we are in negotiations to bring a world class expert on thesis writing techniques to lead an online workshop! Keep an eye on this space for more details.

Finally, our External Directorate has been maintaining connections between engineering students and our partners in the Faculty, the University, the GSA, and CUPE. Every day we are advocating for student interests, and making sure that important information is disseminated as quickly as possible.

Virtual AGM 2020

The GSA invites all members to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 17th at 11:00AM. At our AGM we will present what the GSA has done for you over the past academic year and our plans moving forward into the 2020-2021 academic year. Due to physical distancing measures, we will be hosting our AGM virtually via WebEx! Please enter the meeting via this link and and click here to view the agenda for the AGM.

Additionally, please find other important documents attached below which will be discussed at the AGM on April 17th:

Watch a recording of our informal AGM below: