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McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Food Insecurity: tips and resources

Do you have difficulty affording or accessing food due to financial constraints? It is important that individuals self-advocate to ensure they stay safe and healthy. We’ve provided some tips to help empower your journey.

When cooking at home

  • Create  a weekly meal plan based on grocery discounts
  • Plan meals with seasonal and locally grown foods
  • Choose dried/canned/frozen if costs are lower
  • Eggs, legumes (beans) and tofu provide high quality protein at lower costs
  • Cook large batches and freeze individual portions.

When grocery shopping

  • Download the Flipp App/ use flyers & coupons to buy items on sale at grocery stores that price match (No Frills, Superstore, Fresco)
  • Make a grocery list based on discounts available, and stick to it!
  • Shop at discounted grocery stores
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store where you are more likely to find whole foods as opposed to packaged food items
  • Purchase in large quantities if possible

Financial planning

  • Consider re-evaluating your finances and your budget
  • Seek free financial counselling through Neighbour to Neighbour or the Credit Counselling Society Hamilton (905) 538-5035
  • Explore financial options with your bank
  • Call your service providers and advise them you are experiencing financial hardship
  • Compare costs with other service providers
  • If on ODSP or OW and you have a disability that requires a special diet, ask your case worker if you qualify for a special diet allowance

Food Banks in Hamilton

Ancaster Community Services – Food Assistance Program

300 Wilson St E, Ancaster, ON  L9G 2B9                                                        905-648-6675

Christ Church – Anglican – Glanbrook Community Food Bank 

1307 Woodburn Rd, Hannon, ON  L0R 1P0                                                905-692-3781

Crown Point Community Church – Giving Cupboard (The) 

92 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON  L8H 3Z1                                                        905-545-2002

Flamborough Food Bank  

Carlisle United Church, 1432 Centre Rd, Carlisle, ON  L0R 1H1                          905-690-1036

Good Shepherd Centres – Good Shepherd Venture Centre (The)                        905-972-9485

155 Cannon St E, Hamilton, ON  L8L 2A6

Hamilton Dream Center (The) – Blue Door Pantry                                                  905-527-8605

627 Main St E, Hamilton, ON  L8M 1J5

Hamilton Jewish Family Services – Kosher Food Bank                             905-627-9922 ext 29

30 King St E, Dundas, ON  L9H 5G6

King’s Way Outreach Centre (The) – Food Bank

390 King William St, Hamilton, ON  L8L 1P6                                               905-296-9473

Living Rock Ministries – Youth Focused Food Bank  

30 Wilson St, Hamilton, ON  L8R 1C5                                                        905-528-7625

Mission Services of Hamilton – Good Food Centre

196 Wentworth St N, PO Box 368, Hamilton, ON  L8L 7W2               905-528-4211

Mishka Social Services- Halal Food Bank

Neighbour to Neighbour Centre – Food Bank  

28 Athens St, Hamilton, ON  L9C 3K9                                                905-574-1334 ext 300

Parkview Church – Food Help  

1120 West 5th St, Hamilton, ON  L9B 1J6                                              905-574-6917

Restoration House Hamilton – Food Bank

54 Vine St, Hamilton, ON  L8R 2A7                                                        905-527-1622

Salvation Army (The) – Dundas – Community and Family Services – Food Bank

150 King St W, Dundas, ON  L9H 1V4                                                        905-627-0572

Salvation Army (The) – Hamilton – Community and Family Services – Food Bank  

80 Bay St N, Hamilton, ON  L8R 3N3                                                        905-540-1888

Seventh-Day Adventist Church – Hamilton Mountain – Food Bank  

284 Concession St, Hamilton, ON  L9A 1B3                                                905-575-8764

St Matthew’s House – Seniors First Response Team  

414 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON  L8L 2Y3                                                905-523-5546 ext 240

Stoney Creek Community Food Bank

605 Hwy 8, Stoney Creek, ON  L8G 5G2                                                        905-643-2090

Welcome Inn Community Centre – Food Bank 

40 Wood St E, Hamilton, ON  L8L 3Y3                                                        905-525-5824

Other Food Programs in Hamilton

Niwasa Food Bank – Grocery gift cards for OW/ODSP recipients, based on availability                                                                                           905-549-4884

Meals on Wheels– frozen meal delivery service                      905-522-1022

Heart to Home– Frozen meal delivery service                      866-933-1516

541 Eatery & Exchange – Non-profit & pay-it-forward cafe              289-389-0541

Hamilton Urban Core -Cooking at the Core Program (Cooking on a Budget and Inner City Women’s Kitchen classes)                                                       905-522-3233

Food For life– Rescues and redistributes surplus perishable food to various locations in Halton, Hamilton                                                                            905-635-1106

Hamilton Community Garden Network– Community Garden Map and resources to           start, participate and run a community garden – list of places where to access free/low cost food)

Food Programs Out of Region




Community Food Assistance Network:




Niagara Region

Celiac patients

Follow this link for resources for celiac patients

Map of Food Resources

Food Assets Map

Additional information

Free Meals

Hamilton Community Food Centre Community Dinner

Phone: 905-574-1334, x200
Address: 310 Limeridge Rd W, Hamilton, ON L9C 2V2, Canada

Oasis Coffeehouse Evening Meal Program
Phone: 905-528-7625
Address: 30 Wilson St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1C5, Canada
Living Rock Ministries The Gathering
Phone: 905-528-7625
Address: 30 Wilson St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1C5, Canada
Good Shepherd Centres, Daily Hot Meal Program

Address: 135 Mary St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1K4, Canada

Dine-in Friday Lunch
Phone: 905-574-1334 x200
Address: 310 Limeridge Rd W, Hamilton, ON L9C 2V2, Canada
Hamilton Out of The Cold Free Meal Program
Address: 165 Charlton Ave W, Hamilton, ON L8P 2C8, Canada