Club Registration

Want to start a new club for graduate students?  In order to start a Club there are few steps to follow:

Step 1. It is necessary for new Clubs to fill out the following documents:

The above-mentioned documents are available below. Once completed the documents must be submitted to the GSA VP Services (

A club must be able to demonstrate:

  • Uniqueness: the club must not have the same or similar mandate to other existing clubs or groups on campus;
  • Distinctiveness: the club must be readily distinguishable from all other existing clubs;
  • Commitment in maintaining a significant interest amongst students;
  • That it is having a positive impact on the McMaster community.

Step 2. After this submission of the documentation the Club might be requested to participate in an interview to clarify part of their application.

Step 3. The GSA club then proceeds to ratification by the GSA Clubs committee. New GSA Club Instructions:

  1. Registration form: Club Executives are asked basic administrative information about the club, such as: name, category, email request, primary contact person, and executive information.

Please ensure that at least FOUR (4) executives are listed and TEN (10) members. Remember: Executives and Members cannot be the same – thereby, it takes at least FOURTEEN (14) people to start a new GSA club.

Mission Statement – this statement should be used as a way of communicating the purpose of the organization.

  1. Cover Letter: This section allows club executives to explain and outline their club. It is important that the executives address the following THREE (3) areas: 1) Who/What the club is about? What are its goals, purposes, intentions? 2) Why is the club unique? What academic, culture, religion, recreational activity, or social issue does it represent/address that is not currently being represented/addressed? 3) How will the club contribute to the McMaster University Graduate student community?
  2. Year Plan/Budget: This section allows club executives to outline the event programming they wish to enact in the academic year. Please note that the GSA does not expect each club to have its programming 100% ready for next year – we understand any plans are tentative and subject to change – however, it is important that executives have a general idea of the programming they wish to implement. While event programming should be diverse and creative, it should also generally complement the purpose(s) of the club (For example: charity-based clubs will likely focus on fundraisers; academic-based clubs will likely focus on study sessions and professor meetings or greets; social issue- based clubs will likely focus on informational and awareness campaigns; etc.).
  3. Constitution: The club constitution is the governing document of each and every club. It generally outlines the responsibilities and duties of each executive position as well as rules and regulations for elections and other club operations. A basic constitution template is provided, but MUST be personalized by club executives to suit the needs of the club.

For any other inquiries contact the GSA VP Services (

Other necessary documents: