GSA Health & Dental​ Insurance Plan

*** All questions about health and dental should first be directed to or 1-866-358-4434 for further assistance. ***

Initiated by your student association, the McMaster GSA Health Plan provides students with unique health benefits. The Plan was designed by students for students to provide many important services and cover expenses not covered by a basic health-care plan (i.e. OHIP), or the equivalent (e.g. UHIP for international students) such as prescription drugs, health practitioners, medical equipment, travel health coverage, and more.

A comprehensive Dental Plan was added to cover those graduate students who were not covered by the CUPE 3906 Plan (except for Divinity students).

Please note all GSA members are automatically enrolled in the GSA Health and Dental plan and are assessed the fees as part of their supplementary fees paid in September. Students who have a TA and or an RA in lieu,  will be covered by the CUPE dental, they will be opted out automatically of the GSA dental plan. Students will receive a reimbursement cheque or direct deposit into their bank account in the amount of $189.88 by mid-December from the GSA health and dental provider, Studentcare.
Students who are covered by an alternative Health and/or dental plan can upload proof of coverage using the Studentcare’s secure website at . After the Change- of- Coverage Period (Sept. 8th – 30th 2020), the student will receive an e transfer or direct deposit into their bank account for the premium amount by mid December. The breakdown is $189.88 for Dental and $217.00 for Health coverage.

Please remember that you need to pay the GSA Health and Dental plan fees on your Student Account on MOSAIC. As mentioned above, once you are opted out, you will be receive your reimbursement by e transfer or direct deposit into your bank account by mid December directly from Studentcare.

We recommend that you visit if you have any specific questions about your GSA Plan and if you have any specific questions relating to your CUPE Dental Plan.


Students who start their TA-ship or RA-ship in January (NOT SEPTEMBER), have a dental coverage through the GSA from September 1st to December 31st. They will be opted out automatically and refunded 2/3 of the dental plan fee by mid-March. Besides, Students who are TA or RA in lieu are not eligible to enroll their dependents into the GSA dental plan. Detailed GSA Health and Dental Plan Exceptional Opt-in and Opt-out Policy can be found here.

The opt out dates are as follows:

  • Fall Term: September 8th – September 30th, 2020
  • Winter Term: Winter: January 6th – 31st 2021


Toll-free: 1-866-358-4434

Attention! International students living outside of Canada

Eligible international students are automatically covered by and billed for applicable portions of the student Plan. Note that Plan benefits are only accessible within Canada, while other services remain available abroad. Certain limitations exist.

Due to the impact of travel restrictions related to COVID-19, options for international students have been expanded for the 2020-21 academic year so that you can make the best choice for your individual circumstances. Be sure to read the FAQ at to review your options, and find complete details on your Plan’s benefits and services online, or check this document.