GSA Awards

The McMaster Graduate Students Association (GSA) looks to recognize exceptional students and staff through annually distributed awards.

The call for nominations begins in June and are due December 20th 2023. Applications for the GSA awards are available below while applications for School of Graduate Studies awards are available on its site.

The awards are presented by the GSA and the School of Graduate Studies at the annual Graduate Student Recognition Awards Ceremony. 

Below is a list of awards administered by the GSA.  Full descriptions will be available with the applications during the period for nominations.

Please submit to relative MacDrive link in time.


GSA Award for Contributions by Non-Academic Staff



This award honours the extraordinary contributions that members of McMaster University’s support staff extend to its graduate students.  The award winner receives a letter of appreciation and $200 cash prize.$200

Therese Quigley Award of Excellence for Graduate Student Leadership in Athletics


This award recognizes excellence in leadership in athletics.  Individuals nominated for the Therese Quigley Award exhibit leadership in sporting activities, either competitive or recreational, by encouraging participation, team building, and commitment to sportsmanship.Trophy Plaque & $200

Mary Keyes Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service to McMaster


This award is named in memory of Dr. Mary Keyes, Associate Vice President (Student Affairs).  The award acknowledges graduate students who give their time, spirit and energy to McMaster student societies, university committees and/or governing bodies. Students who exhibit excellence in leadership, generosity of spirit, and initiative for the betterment of the graduate student experience and McMaster community have been nominated for this award.Trophy or Plaque & $200

GSA Keith Leppmann Teaching Assistant Excellence Award


This award honours the contributions that teaching assistants make to undergraduate education at McMaster University.  Established by the GSA and the Leppmann family, each year, the Academic Affairs Committee accepts nominations from undergraduate students and evaluates nominees on the following criteria: (1) commitment to teaching; (2) reliability; (3) enthusiasm for the subject matter; (4) personality; (5) adaptability; and (6) communication skills.$375