Dear graduate students of McMaster University,

The past 3 months have not been easy as we have transitioned our work online quickly and adapted to new roadblocks in our graduate careers. Whether you are starting, in the middle, or at the end of your degree, you have undoubtedly faced unexpected challenges and had to search for answers in a time of uncertainty. We hope that the announcement of a virtual semester can provide a framework for you to structure the months ahead, as the Administration has made the right decision for the Fall term classes to be online in a recent letter. As questions come up, they should not be left unanswered, please reach out so we can support you in navigating through your unique journey. We are all facing varying levels of distress and want you to know that we are here for you as a support network and will do our best to assist you.

The return to on-campus research is expected to happen no later than June 1st for Phase 1 of this process and your first point of contact regarding this manner is your supervisor. In short, this phase allows “a limited number of research personnel to access campus for research that cannot be undertaken in a remote manner“. More information about this process can be found here

Your GSA 

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