Standing Committees

The GSA has a number of standing committees, responsible for reporting back to council on a variety of projects. These committees are headed by executive members and membership is made up from graduate students. If you are interested in learning more or serving on one of these committees, please contact the specific committee’s chair.

Academic Affairs Committee

Chair: VP Internal

The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) is the deliberative space to discuss all matters relevant to the academic life of graduate students at McMaster. Its purpose is to facilitate discussion and action around issues that affect the academic life of graduate students.

By-laws Committee

Chair: President

The By-Laws Committee exists to review the  organization’s by-laws and standing resolutions and make recommendations for alterations as required.

Elections / Appeal Committee

Chair: President

Event & Trips Planning Committee

Chair: VP External

This committee is responsible for planning monthly social events and trips to promote an engaging graduate student life. All events must be approved by the EOHSS and a summary of each event should be reported to Council.

Executive Review Committee

Chair: President

The Executive Review Committee (ERC) objective is to investigate the current executive structure and monitor the executives progress throughout the year to ensure that each portfolio is properly attended too.

Finance Committee

Chair: VP Administration

The finance committee must be struck annually by the VP administration to accomplish the following duties:

  • Review the GSA and Phoenix budget documents for approval by the BOD and presentation at the AGM
  • Monitor the financial progress of the GSA and  Phoenix
  • Oversee the duties of the bookkeeper
  • Report any financial changes and progress to the BOD, Council, and general membership
Clubs Committee

Chair: VP Services

The GSA Clubs Committee (GCC) acts as the Clubs Administration Advisory Board. It provides a forum that will create a networking system between recognized GSA Clubs. The purpose is the exchange of information and the pooling of resources within the clubs’ structure and with other student organizations.

Graduate Health & Students Service Review Committee

Chair: VP Services

The Graduate Health & Student Services Review Committee (GHSSRC) reviews the services offered via fees to McMaster and to ensure that the best possible services in regards to health, studies, and skills training.

GSA Summer Leagues Committee

Chair: VP Services

To review and maintain the soccer and softball leagues.

Student Issue Action Committee

Chair: VP External

The Student Issues Action Committee (SIA) is responsible for discussing and finding solutions to the common issues faced by graduate students. This includes conducting a survey to hear students’ voices. A comprehensive summary of the survey results should be reported to Council and propose solutions to reported problems.

There are also several Ad Hoc Committees:

International Student Experience Committee

Chair: VP Services

Communication Committee

Chair: VP External

Website Committee

Chair: VP Services