GSA Welcome Week Poster

GSA Welcome Week 2017

We have exciting activities planned for Welcome Week 2017! Join us for this week of activities and get to meet other graduate students at McMaster!

September 6th: Free LIVE entertainment at The Phoenix
September 7th: GSA and SGS FREE BBQ at The Phoenix
September 8th: Resource Fair at CIBC Hall
September 11th: PhD Bound but Then What? at CIBC Hall
September 13th: International graduate student fair at CIBC Hall

GSA Office Closure

Please be advised that the GSA office will be closed between July 31st and August 7th. The office will be re-opened on August 8th. Feel free to send us an email at during this time with your urgent matters.

HSR U-Pass/PRESTO Card Distribution

Starting August 19th, the Campus Store will begin distribution of the new HSR U-Pass/Presto cards. Attached are some FAQs giving more in depth information on the roll-out starting next week. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at

Grad Student Appreciation Day

Please note that all graduate students with a valid GSA sticker can enjoy 25% off food purchases after 2:00 pm every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. If you don’t have your GSA sticker, feel free to pass by the GSA office before 1PM today to get your sticker.

Mark your calendars for July 7th and 21st for your 25% discount!

Click here to visit our website for The Phoenix for daily deals.

GSA Calendar

Keep up to date with what’s happening with the GSA!

Click here to view our public calendar for events, general meetings and other important dates for graduate students. You can even sync it to your existing calendar to get these notifications by clicking this link!

Referendum: HSR Bus Pass Agreement- PASSES

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) Referendum!

The results are unofficial at this time as any GSA member may challenge the validity of a referendum in a written submission to the Chief Returning Officer ( within two (2) business days after the close of voting. Such submission shall contain the appellant’s name, student number, telephone number and address, as well as a detailed account of the alleged reasons for invalidating the referendum.

Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) Referendum Question – PASSES
Quorum for any referendum question shall be five percent (5%) of all eligible voters.
Option Votes
Yes 1122 (81.7%)
No 252 (18.3%)
Total 1411
Abstain 37 (2.6%)
Turnout: 1411 (36.6%) of 3854 electors voted in this ballot.
For more information, please contact the Chief Returning Officer (

Referendum: HSR Bus Pass Agreement


The GSA is asking you to vote on the following question regarding the graduate student bus pass fee starting in September 2017.

The vote will determine if graduate students mandate the GSA to sign the 3 years agreements with HSR following the fee increase indicated in the table below or if graduate students will have to pay for their bus passes individually at the full adult rate (should they choose to travel via this method).


Question: Do you agree to pay the following fees for HSR service over the next three years?

2017 – 2018: $232.70 per annum
2018 – 2019: $257.38 per annum
2019 – 2020: $284.40 per annum
N.B: In the absence of approval of the above fees, graduate student will not receive an HSR bus pass at a preferred rate for the three years.

Important Dates

  • Voting Period: May 8 – 10, 10 am – 6pm
  • Registration for campaign committees (first-come, first-serve basis) will open April 12, 10 am and close April 23, 6 pm
  • Campaign Period: April 24 10 am – May 7 6pm


Annual General Meeting


  1. Call to Order
  2. Acceptance of the Agenda
  3. GSA Year in Review – Report from the Executive and Committees of Council (10 minutes*)
  4. Amendments to the Bylaws (10 min)
  5. CRO Report on 2017 March Election (8 minutes)
  6. Call for Nominations – Directors of the Association (5 minutes
  7. Ratification – Directors of the Association (5 minutes)
  8. Audited Financial Statements 2016 (10 minutes)
  9. Review of Financial Statements 2016/2017 (10 minutes)
  10. Approval of Budget for 2017/2018 (10 minutes)
  11. Approval of GSA Fees for 2017/2018 (15 minutes)
  12. Nomination to GSA Committees (5 minutes)
  13. New Business (10 minutes)
  14. Adjournment





AGM Agenda 2017

AGM Minutes_April 20_2016 for Approval

AGM Executives Reports March 2017

Proposed Bylaw Changes

Proposed Fee – Schedule

The Phoenix – Profit and Loss

The Phoenix – Balance Sheet

GSA – Balance Sheet

GSA – Profit & Loss

Audited Financial Statements

GSA Budget 2017-2018

Phoenix Budget 2017-2018

GSA Statement of Owners Equity 2017

Phoenix Statement of Owners Equity 2017

Equity Myths Poster

Community News



Date: Wed, May 3rd

Time: 4:30-7:00pm

Location: Meet in front of the Phoenix


Join us for a guided hike through Cootes and an all-you-can eat pasta dinner at the Phoenix to celebrate the end of the school year! We’ll be giving out raffle prizes and sharing info on how to be part of the GWI executive team next year.

More info/Register online »

African Caribbean Faculty Association at McMaster (ACFAM) presents Equity Myths in Academia

McMaster University has launched its new Sexual Violence Policy. This policy lays out the process for all staff, students and faculty who’ve experienced sexual violence and want to make a complaint, seeking the university’s response.

SVRP poster

GSA Weekly News

March 2, 2017

Welcome to the Graduate Students Association Weekly E-mail! The content of the e-mail is to update you on various social/academic/services provided by the GSA. Our social media is constantly being updated, so don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

The nominations are reopened and will close on March 14th at 6:00 pm for the following positions:


Election for FRC and Executive: Wednesday, March 15, 10 am – Friday, March 17, 6 pm.
Campaigning Period: Monday, March 6, 10 am – Tuesday, March 14, 6 pm (please contact the CRO at for more information on being a candidate and the campaign regulations).



The GSA is asking you to vote on the following two (2) questions regarding access to mental health services for graduate students starting in September 2017. The vote will determine if graduate students opt for access to mental health services at McMasters Student Wellness Centre (SWC), and\or through the Student Assistance Plan (SAP) provided by the Graduate Students Association (GSA) Health and Dental provider.

Question 1
Do you want to pay an additional $23.86* per term ($71.58 per annum [1] (part-time students will pay an additional $11.93 per term ($35.79 per annum)) to access in-person mental health services at the McMaster University Student Wellness Centre?

[Yes or No]

Question 2 
Do you want to pay an additional fee of up to $10 per annum [2] for a Student Assistance Plan provided through the GSA Health and Dental provider, which provides remote (phone call, online) mental health services?

[Yes or No]

The services accessible at the McMaster University Student Wellness Centre (SWC) are:

  • Access to Psychologist, Counsellors, Mental Health Nurses and wellness education experts in person (along with OHIP billed Psychiatrist and Physicians)
  • Offering a broad range of services including mental health, academic issue and personal issue counselling.
  • Offering in person workshops on a magnitude of issues
  • Offering Graduate-only group counselling sessions [3]
The services accessible from the Student Assistance Plan are:
  • Access to Clinical Counsellors and Registered Social Workers
  • Counselling service available 24-hour/7 day-a-week by phone and or online
  • Offering a broad range of Mental Health Services within the scope of Clinical Counsellors and Registered Social Workers
  • Offering several types of self-evaluation tools available anytime online and relevant time-sensitive content (i.e. tip sheets, messages on stress management) available anytime online
*Further information regarding the referendum questions will be available on the GSA Website shortly.

[1] Currently, graduate students pay $10.09 per term ($30.27$ per annum) to the SWC fees.
[2] Currently, graduate students have coverage for $100 per appointment up to a maximum of $400 per annum for counselling services through the Health Plan. Graduate students pay a total fee of $186 per annum for the GSA Health Plan
[3] Sessions will be available if the minimum number of students required is reached to warrant pulling a counsellor from their one-on-one work.

Campaign committees

Only one campaign committee for YES and one for NO is permitted to participate in campaigning. To obtain official status, please register with the CRO at (first come first serve basis) starting Monday, March 13, 10 am.

Important Dates
Applications for Campaign side submission begins Monday, March 13, 10 am
Campaigning period: Thursday, March 16, 10 am – Friday, March 31, 6 pm

Voting Online
Saturday, April 1, 10 am- Monday, April 3, 6 pm

Annual General Meeting

Date: Thursday, March 23, 5 pm
Location: TBDAll documentation pertaining to the AGM will be available on our website.