Referendum: HSR Bus Pass Agreement- PASSES

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) Referendum!

The results are unofficial at this time as any GSA member may challenge the validity of a referendum in a written submission to the Chief Returning Officer ( within two (2) business days after the close of voting. Such submission shall contain the appellant’s name, student number, telephone number and address, as well as a detailed account of the alleged reasons for invalidating the referendum.

Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) Referendum Question – PASSES
Quorum for any referendum question shall be five percent (5%) of all eligible voters.
Option Votes
Yes 1122 (81.7%)
No 252 (18.3%)
Total 1411
Abstain 37 (2.6%)
Turnout: 1411 (36.6%) of 3854 electors voted in this ballot.
For more information, please contact the Chief Returning Officer (
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