Syria Sanction Statement

Syria Sanctions Statement



· Over 50,000 people in Syria and Türkiye were killed and 100,000 injured by devastating
· Syria was already ravaged by 12 years of war;
· UN Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of the unilateral coercive measures on the
enjoyment of human rights, Alena Douhan, condemned sanctions on Syria as
“suffocating” in 2022 and called for their “immediate lifting”. She stated: “No reference
to good objectives of unilateral sanctions justifies the violation of fundamental human
rights. The international community has an obligation of solidarity and assistance to the
Syrian people”;
· The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (2023), which has been entrusted by the Government of
Canada to distribute its aid in Syria, also “appeal[ed] for the lifting of the economic
· The United States has suspended some of its sanctions on Syria, in response to the
earthquake. “However, [UN experts] wish to recall that such systems of humanitarian
carve-outs may not be sufficient to address the long term negative effects of sanctions, as
well as business over-compliance with sanctions and financial de-risking” (UN, 2023).
· Clare Daly (2023), Member of the European Parliament, cautions “thousands more may
die” if the embargo against Syria does not end.

The McMaster University Graduate Students Association calls upon the Government of
Canada to immediately end sanctions against Syria, urge other sanctioning states to
follow suit, and amplify its aid and rescue efforts to all in the region.

HSR Referenda

HSR Referenda

GSA/HSR Referendum:

Every three years the GSA enters renegotiations with the City for a new contract for the upcoming three years. The below represents the four questions the GSA will be bringing to students via referenda. The current rate of the HSR bus pass is $294.15. Voting NO to this referendum means Graduate Students are voting to not accept the agreement and not have a pass for Fall next year.

VOTING TAKE PLACE: February 13th 10:00am- February 15th- 6:00pm. All eligible voters will receive an email with voting details before the election (please check your McMaster emails)!

  1. Full time students (Fall)  

Do you agree to an increase in the FT graduate student Bus Pass mandatory student fee, for the following three years $302.35 in 2023/2024, $307.95 in 2024/2025, and $313.54 in 2025/2026. 

       2. Full time students (Winter) 

 Do you agree to reducing the FT graduate student Bus Pass for January starts; whereas, historically they were charged 100% of the cost of the FT fall (September fee). Though Access was for 8 months. This would result in a cost to students of 66.66% FT fall fee, a decrease of 33.34 % of the FT fee? 

 For example, the FT fall Buss Pass is $302.35 in 2023/2024 then FT winter students (January starts) will be charged a prorated fee of $201.57 for January 2024. (2/3 of the FT fall UCTP fee) 

       3. Full time students (Summer) 

Do you agree to the establishment of a mandatory student fee of 33.34% the cost of the FT Fall Bus Pass for FT graduate students starting in May? Historically, this group did not have access to any Buss Pass.  For example, the FT fall bus pass is $302.35 in 2023/2024 then FT Summer  students (May starts) will be charged $100.78 for May 2024. (1/3 of the FT fall UCTP fee) 

       4. Co-op students 

 Do you agree FT Co-op students at the respective rate (depending on start), with an ability to  opt-out for those students on co-op outside of the city of Hamilton?  Prorated fee for the remainder of the year the student is at McMaster University. 

VOTING NO- means that Graduate Students will not have access to the UPASS (HSR) pass (and the discounted rates herein).

Any questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of

Overtime Relief Fund

Overtime Relief Fund

Are you an overtime grad student whose funding has expired? Have you been unable to receive a sufficient extension in your funding? You may be eligible to apply for the GSA Overtime Relief Fund by the GSA, CUPE 3906 & Alumni Association. Check out the application here for more info. Deadline to apply is February 10th, 2023.