SciGSA virtual scavenger hunt

SciGSA virtual scavenger hunt

Running from August 28th – September 28th, sign-up for the SciGSA virtual scavenger hunt! Team up with a group of graduate students and complete the scavenger hunt to win points. The team with the most points wins the scavenger hunt, and contributes to their department winning the Pythagoras Cup!

Complete the scavenger hunt using the following google form:

If you have any questions or concerns with accessing the scavenger hunt, please let us know. **NOTE: the scavenger hunt does not need to be completed in a single as it may take a few hours to complete depending on the individuals familiarity to Hamilton. If you are to complete the hunt over a few days, simply save your answers in a separate document or Notes app on your phone and ONLY fill in and submit this Google form with your final answers when you have completed the hunt.**

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