Call for Nominations- Chief of Officer (CRO) 2017-2018


Do you want to get INVOLVED? The GSA is seeking nominations for one Chief Returning Officer (CRO) for a term starting Friday, April 21 to April 26, 2017.

Applications should include a cover letter detailing your interest in the position, and any complimentary skills along with your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Both documents should be submitted to

Duties and responsibilities of the CRO are:
– Running any elections, by-elections and referendum for the GSA. Note that regular elections are held annually in February/March and by-elections are held in September or October to fill any vacant positions on the GSA. 

  • Non-voting position on the Board of Directors of the GSA.
  • Chair for the Annual General Meeting, held in March.
  • Honorarium of $450

For more information on GSA elections and the CRO‘s role, please see the by-law available here.

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