Hello from the African Caribbean Graduate Student Association (ACGSA)! 
We are a club under the Graduate Student Association (GSA) that is tailored for students from Africa, the Caribbean and/or for those that self-identify as being of African, Caribbean or African American Ancestry. All McMaster graduate students who are interested in things pertaining to the people of Africa (all races and colours), the Caribbean, African Americans and their socio-cultural interests are welcome! 

Our services and events aim to:

  • Create a space for our students to know and interact with each other to give the students a sense of community.
  • Advocate for opportunities for our members in McMaster University, Hamilton and Canada.
  • Welcome new African and Caribbean graduate students.
  • Provide guidance and the information necessary for African and Caribbean students to integrate into McMaster University, Hamilton and Canada.
  • Organize informative, educational and social events for African and Caribbean graduate students.

Contact us via email to join ( or find us on Facebook

Thank you ACGSA for your introduction! If you want to learn about other GSA Clubs check out this list of over 20 clubs on our website

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