On August 14th, the GSA met with University Administration on campus, including President David Farrar. At this meeting, we spoke about international student issues, services offered by Athletics and Recreation (follow The Pulse on Instagram for free classes), and actions in support of oppressed groups on campus. They reported to us about the ongoing External Review on Black Student-Athletes’ Experience and actions taken to support Equity, Diversity and Inclusion on campus, including the hiring of Dr. Arig Al-Shaibah. We will keep you updated on these items and others as they come to hand! We established more regular communication between us and the University Administration and we look forward to advocating for you at these meetings. If you have specific concerns you would like to address for future meetings, you can reach out directly to Shawn Hercules at gsapres@mcmaster.ca

A note about HSR: Some students experienced a disappearance of the HSR tile and were unable to obtain their voucher for the upcoming expiry as of August 21, 2020. This issue should be resolved. If you are a student in the upcoming academic year, please redeem your new HSR voucher as soon as possible to avoid paying for your HSR transit on August 22, 2020.

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For an update on HSR fees please see this link.

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