Hello friends! My name is Sydney Valentino and I am the GSA Vice-President External 2020-2021. I share and communicate with you through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and, my favourite, The GSA Weekly. In my role, I organize the Student Issues Actions Committee, Social Trips and Events. What events would you like to see in the next year?

On campus you can find me in Ivor Wynne Centre in the Department of Kinesiology, studying cardiovascular physiology in individuals with a spinal cord injury, under the supervision of Dr. Maureen MacDonald. I am passionate about fostering a connection between all McMaster graduate students, knowledge translation, and supporting student-led initiatives across disciplines and beyond campus borders. I would love to hear from you on activities you are leading and would like to share with our community.  
Since the new physical distancing measures, you can find me using eye drops to combat computer-induced dry eyes or attempting to balance my sedentary time by working out with friends on Zoom!

What are your questions for me? Email me at gsavpext@mcmaster.calet’s chat!

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