HSR Referendum Results

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) Referendum!

The results are unofficial at this time as any GSA member may challenge the validity of a referendum in a written submission to the Chief Returning Officer (gsacro@mcmaster.ca) within two (2) business days after official posts on our website. Such submission shall contain the appellant’s name, student number, telephone number and address, as well as a detailed account of the alleged reasons for invalidating the referendum.

Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) Referendum Question 2020 – PASSES
Quorum for any referendum question shall be five percent (5%) of all eligible voters.

Yes1111 (84.0%)
No211 (16.0%)
Abstain52 (3.8%)

Turnout: 1374 (32.6%) of 4213 electors voted in this ballot.

The HSR bus pass referendum passed and so students have accepted the following bus pass fees for the next 3 years:

2020-2021 : $283.15
2021-2022 : $295.15
2022-2023 : $300.75

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