McMaster Women in Science and Engineering Initiative

McMaster Women in Science and Engineering Initiative


The McMaster Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Initiative is an integrated network of academics and professionals in science and engineering fields.  Together, we aim to support, celebrate, and advocate for diversity and equity at McMaster University and in our surrounding community through community outreach, mentorship, and our annual CREST conference (Current Research in Engineering, Science, and Technology). 

We meet weekly to plan events such as Mentor of the Month (personal talks given by profs from departments across campus and people working in STEM industries), GenerationSTEM (interactive workshops and panels for high school students), CREST (our annual conference with undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc presentations, workshops, panels, and an invited keynote), and socials (where like-minded STEM students meet and do fun activities).

We encourage anyone and everyone with a love of STEM to join our team and come out to our events.


Executive Team

  • Co-Presidents:
  • WISE Advisor: Lisa Dyce 
  • VP Finance: Rachelle Ho
  • VP Internal: Lulu Lu
  • VP External/Mentorship Coordinator: Jennifer Williams
  • CREST Coordinator: Adrienne Atayde & Negeen Halabian
  • Outreach Coordinator: Isabella Churchill
  • Mentor of the Month Coordinator: Maha Dogar
  • Social Events Coordinators: Iris Wang & Abigail Jacob

Steering Committee

  • Julie Bannon
  • Rhea Desai
  • Patrycja Jazwiec
  • Bronte Johnston
  • Mahima Joshi
  • Tovah Kashetskey
  • Ginny Liu
  • Katie Mackett
  • Veronica Tran
  • Mai Wageh
  • Daeria Lawson
  • Abhiti Kuhad

Contact Information