McMaster Chemistry Graduate Student Society

McMaster Chemistry Graduate Student Society


The MCGSS is a social society for graduate students who are either in the chemistry or chemical
biology graduate programs. The societies main objectives are to ensure there is a strong chemical
community at McMaster, and to make sure that graduate students in the chemical sciences have a
group to turn to when they need help. The MCGSS is a communication medium between the
department of chemistry and chemical biology and the students. The society organizes smaller
weekly meetings such as our coffee Wednesdays, as well as larger annual events including a
Summer Barbeque, Christmas party, and the McMaster Regional Chemical Information Session.


  • President: Christopher Franko
  • Vice President: Novan Gray
  • Secretary & Special Event Coordinator: Sheilan Sinjari
  • Treasurer: Fariha Mahmood
  • Media & External Affairs:  Maia Murphy

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