McMaster Chemistry Graduate Student Society

McMaster Chemistry Graduate Student Society


The McMaster Chemical Sciences Graduate Student Society (MCGSS) is a GSA-ratified club for graduate students belonging to the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology. Our main objectives are to organize social events to provide entertainment and camaraderie among students in the department, help new and current graduate students integrate into the department culture, facilitate opportunities for students to network with distinguished professors through formal and informal events, provide platforms to connect graduate students with industry representatives, and advocate for the interests of graduate students to the department.


Club executive team:

· President: Mokhamed Ranne

· Vice-President: Daniel Hrabowyj

· Secretary: TBD

· Treasurer: Wenshi Zeng

· Communications: Nazneen Meethal

· General Members: Polyniki Gkragkopoulou, Alanna Wade

Contact Information

  • Email:

  • Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @mcgssccb

  • GSA representative for clubs committee: Mokhamed Ranne, President,