Kinesiology Graduate Student Association (KGSA)

Kinesiology Graduate Student Association


The Kinesiology Graduate Student Association (KGSA) is a group of graduate students, both Master’s and Doctoral, who represent the whole of the graduate student body within the Department of Kinesiology. Our executive committee serve kinesiology graduate students by facilitating a sociable and neighbourly environment within our department. Additionally, we support kinesiology graduate students by providing academic scholarships and bursaries, as well as professional development workshops. The KGSA also offers several social gatherings including intramural sport teams, charity fundraising events, and monthly jamborees, in which graduate students participate. Our notable events include the annual Joan Heimbecker Memorial Hockey tournament which raises awareness for domestic abuse, as well as contribute resources and funds for local shelters.

Each of the positions listed below is voted on, and each elected member sits in his or her position for a one-year term (July 1st to June 30th). Our executive committee is comprised of well-immersed graduate students who are involved in other clubs and initiatives such as SciGSA, GSA, and CUPE. The remainder of the Kinesiology graduate students who are not on the executive are general members of the KGSA.


Executives Team 2020/2021:

  • President: Sean Ng
  • Vice President: Stephen Fortino
  • Secretary: Mai Wageh
  • Treasurer: Claire Tuckey
  • Biomechanics/Associate Rep: Kevin Kos
  • Motor Behavior Rep: Kristen De Melo
  • Physiology Rep: Jennifer Williams
  • Psychology Rep: Maryam Marashi
  • Heimbecker Organizers: Jon Mcleod & Laura St. Germain

List of all KGSA members:

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