DeGroote Graduate Finance Club

DeGroote Graduate Finance Club


Our philosophy:

What do the students want? What does the age want? Whenever we see the beating numbers on the stock trading platform, what are we thinking about? What is the significance of these numbers? What are our considerations for the company and the future? If you can’t answer these questions, congratulations, just like us, on the way to seek more knowledge and understand the world better.

DGFC is committed to financial innovation, in order to build a way for more students to connect the knowledge learned in class with real life. Through the sharing of predecessors who have been working in the industry for many years, they can have a more in-depth understanding and learning. We encourage students to innovate in business and finance, and welcome new ideas. If you want to try to understand new things and content, then we welcome you to join the DGFC.

We hope you can “Grow, Change, Create through DGFC, which is also our slogan.

Our mission:

Provide students with a platform where they can learn financial knowledge and carry out financial innovation.

Our vision:

Ignite the passion for financial innovation.


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