DeGroote Graduate Finance Club

DeGroote Graduate Finance Club


This club will give you an opportunity to carry out learning outside the classrooms and connect with our fellow classmates as well as other graduate students who wish to learn more about finance. This club will provide students with a safe space and platform to express new ideas and develop their understanding. Finance is a very broad field, and a much-needed student body will help in bringing students with similar interests together. The club aims to conduct guest lectures by co-ordinating with our Professors and our Alumni. Guest lectures are a great way to learn more about the topics introduced in the course. It is also a great opportunity to interact with individuals from the industry, form meaningful connections and learn from their experiences. We also plan on conducting Case Competitions and Stock Pitch competitions. Students should know about the financial markets and should be able to analyze the situation and provide solutions. These competitions will give students a glimpse of the corporate environment and help them improve their presentation and interpersonal skills. We learn many interesting things about finance throughout the course, but we get to apply them only after we start working. Such competitions will be a great platform to share our knowledge, build confidence and prepare ourselves to contribute to the financial services industry in an efficient manner. We also plan on hosting fun events like Trivia nights. These events will focus on current financial and economic trends as well as major events from the past; which should be known to a finance professional. These events will be a great place for the students to interact and refresh themselves. The club has huge potential to add more events and grow over the years. As finance students, knowledge is important but skills like communication skills, presentation skills, working in a team, knowing business etiquette, networking, etc are equally important. A medium that brings together students and professors together outside the classroom is a good step towards attaining these skills. With our connection with the alumni and the industry, we will try to bridge the gap between what we learn and what we’ll do by simulating the work environment through competitions and enhancing our knowledge through guest lectures. This club will provide you with the means to learn more about our respective areas of interest and enhance our experience as a Master of Finance student at DeGroote.

To become members, remember to sign up in the email which will be sent at the beginning of each new term. Or feel free to email any member of the executive committee.


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