Chinese Graduate Students Club

Chinese Graduate Students Club


The Chinese Graduate Students Club (CGSC) plans to provide as much support as possible for the newly arrived Chinese graduate students and helps them adapt to the new environment quickly and smoothly. This club is a good platform for Chinese graduate students to discuss academic questions, enrich Chinese graduate students’ life. To be concrete, we attempt to offer various activities, such as field trips which can build more close relationships among students.

Our club intends to give our members guidance on career development, since they are eager to have an outstanding career in Canada. It is our responsibility to provide them corresponding resources and opportunities, such as building connection with upper-year students and alumni in the industry. We spare no effort to serve those students who have decided to go back to China after graduation. We are supposed to give them plenty of information on the job hunting in China, so that the gap between Canada and China can be perfectly shortened. Especially, it is a big treasure for those students who are sponsored by Chinese government.


Executive Team

  • President:
  • VP Events: Ying Hu
  • VP External: Yusheng Zhang

Department Chairs

  • Department of Activities: Ying Hu
  • Department of External Relationship: Yusheng Zhang
  • Department of Propagation: Ying Hu (Concurrently)

Committee Chairs

  • New Students Committee: Wei Zhao
  • GSA Affair Committee:
  • Government-Funded Students Committee: Fanwang Meng
  • Family Committee: Yaping Chang

Contact Information