Call For Ideas: Student Activity Building

The MSU has approved and is planning a new student focused activity building on campus.  This building will contain approximately 40,000 sqft of space to be allocated by student initiatives and endeavours.  The GSA is being asked to contribute financially to the project and one condition we set was genuine input as to the allocation of space in this building.   To effectively convey the graduate student demand for services, we need to get your feedback on what should occupy this space.

What’s Already Planned?

So far, there are only two fixed entities that have been finalised:

  1. Student operated grocery store
  2. Multi-faith prayer room

Have a Great Idea?

Please fill in the following form to let us know whether you want this for grad students, what ideas you have, and what sort of ideas should be given higher priority.   Your responses will go a long way to help guide the ultimate services and spaces that exist in this new building and we love hearing from you.