Gilbrea Student Group (GSG)

Gilbrea Student Group


The Gilbrea Student Group is made up of students studying aging from a variety of perspectives. We meet monthly to read papers, plan fun social events, attend talks from leading researchers, and work on community outreach projects. The Gilbrea Student Group provides students with an opportunity to meet with and learn from other students researching similar topics, and the chance to discuss all things aging-related. We welcome anyone who is interested in aging research to come join us!


Our graduate student group is a peer-led group of students with interests in aging. Members of this group provide insight into new knowledge in their field of study, network with other Centres and groups, and carry out events and activities as part of our programming. Student members serve an integral role at the Centre working alongside faculty, clinical researchers, community professionals, and seniors


The Gilbrea Student Group was developed a few years ago with the leadership of students, faculty and staff within and across the the Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging and Department of Health, Aging and Society, with the goal of creating an inclusive and academic network for students in gerontology to connect, share their research and collaborate. The student group has grown immensely over the years and has fostered connections and research that may not otherwise have been possible”


  • Director: Dr. Meredith Griffin
  • Associate Director: Dr. Nicole Dalmer
  • Gilbrea Administrator: Equity Burke
  • Gilbrea Communications: Rebecca Hessels
  • Chair: Jonelle Ward

General Services and Events: journal club, general meetings, social events, writing sessions, annual community events


Executive Team

  • Chair: Jonelle Ward
  • Co-Chairs: TBD
  • Social Coordinator: TBD
  • Media Coordinator: Margherita Duesbury


Contact Information